NEW MUSIC VIDEO! "Rose Up" Dir. by Rieyen 

I linked up with a real cool dude, Ryan Redira a few months ago through the power of creative spirit. We were initially made aware of one another through a mutual collaborator and instantly became fans of eachother's work. After speaking our own collaboration into existence for months, and building in the flesh a few times building the vibe, Ryan, aka Rieyen when he's shooting his fire films, blessed me with a crazy visual for "Rose Up" from my Life In Critical Times EP. What makes it even more dope to me is that I really only saw the end product. He took the leading on the shooting completely and I didn't stop to see much of any of the shots while during the shoot. Since it was his vision I just wanted to see where he would go with it without interference. Pretty safe to say he went WAY UP wit it! Check it out below, follow the man, and definitely look out for more from us. Big S/O to the lovely Ms. Gia who help me looked so good at the beach!

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Took a littlle time away to get my mind right. We all have to do that sometimes. But the boy is back! And I got a whole new gameplan *Camron voice*

Observing the current landscape, and my own situation, I realized a few things: 1) The power of video is stronger than it has ever been in history, especially for musicians 2) Instagram is the most booming social media platform platform for consumers and brands alike at the moment BY FAR 3) Content...rather CONSISTENT content is King in order for any individual to prosper on IG, 4) As an emerging artist or brand on Instagram, you must utilize it as a media outlet in the same way as (and in place of) one is watching television anymore, everyone is watching Instagram...and television broadcasts shows. Therefore, an emerging brand such as myself must put on a show in some way, shape, or form to stand out in it's infinite sea of content. In so many words, you have to give people something to look forward to watching consistently. 5) Music videos are obviously the key remote marketing tool for a musician aside from the inherent music itself...but that shit can get EXPENSIVE for videos of full-singles! And without outside investors or can get ugly when you're talking about trying to replicate the process in a consistent marketing campaign. 6) I needed to increase my activity and visibility on Instagram right now if I wanted any opportunity at making some serious breakthroughs like I desire.

Much inspiration AND disappointment finally culminated and manifested an idea that I believed could help me resolve the above. And today, I can affirm and scientifically verify the success of my idea...

That idea is #OneTakeTwosday

A personal, weekly freestyle challenge I assigned myself. 1-minute of me showcasing my lyrical ability and love, on Instagram every Tuesday...for the entire year of 2019...yup all 50-and-some-weeks. And now, 21-straight-weeks-in, I am receiving more love and support than ever before. Business is BOOMING lol. I started the challenge at the start of February. It's been an amazingly fulfilling journey thus far that has opened so many new doors! I can't even imagine where I'll be once the challenge is completely. The series is exclusively on my Instagram @themostcritical but you can check out a recap of the February beginnings and follow up on IG for the rest! See y'all Twosday!

Ps: Enormous shout-out to my shooter Shawn Oddou. aka Shawn The GOAT. He's the other half that's made this so successful. Follow him damnit!



NEW MUSIC VIDEO! "Atomic" ft. TyMatts 

It's been a minute but I ain't been gone...just making moves on the low. One of which being this new wave of music with the homie I linked up with from Pittsburgh by the name of TyMatts.

We've been cooking up for a little over 6 months now, and if you follow me on IG, from time to time you'll see me posted with a white dude with hair and style almost as dope as mine, with our signature hash tag #CAPAWAVE. That energy culminated into a whole thing we now pushing. A couple weeks ago we rocked a crazy show with Yung Pinch. And, yesterday we dropped the first official #CAPAWAVE release since previewing some of the music at a few pop-up shows. 

"Atomic" is produced by RicandThadeus and comes just in time to keep on repeat for the rest of the summer. No games. We just went ahead and dropped the whole music video on that ass. Prepare for a very long and powerful wave. 

S/O to Oddou Productions for fucking it all the way up. And, our beautiful co-stars Ms. Stacey Hash and Ms. Adriana Toro


If you haven't already, check out the last visual me and Oddou Productions connected on from my album Life In Critical Times

One Vibe Performance 2/1/18 Snippet  

Just about a week ago I took the stage in Laguna Beach for the very first time, at The White House, for Stranger Enterprise's monthly "One Vibe" show. It was a super dope atmosphere hosted by my bro Pretty Papes. And capped off by the homie That Foo Speech, who celebrated the release of his new EP. If you would've seen the way I looked the morning-of, though, you would've thought I was getting ready for my FINAL curtain call lol. LIFE LESSON: No matter how dope of music you're making in the studio the night before, how dope the vibe is, or how much fun you're having, you can still wind-up seriously ill if you over-consume alcohol, without taking a moment away from the good times to eat some food lol. Once the good Lord helped me fully grasp this lesson, I put on a pretty damn good show feeling so blessed to be alive. Here's a minute of it. Imagine the rest or pull-up to the next.

S/O to Shawn Noddou on the shot. We got something MAJOR in the works too...Stay tuned. 

Check out the official music video to my single "Show Me Love." 

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Life In Critical Times now available on iTunes & Apple Music!  

Definitely the icing on the cake to this project, as a total body-of-work, is to be able to proudly announce its release to ALL major digital platforms! I'm both humbled, and turnt-up-to-the-max to be able to officially share this with the world. Click the cover art to hear it on iTunes & Apple Music! Add it to your playlist and tell a friend!



Also available on Spotify, Google Play, Tidal and tricks, just click. 

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Interview w/"Belly of The Beat" on KUCI 88.9FM 5/19/17 

A lil over a week ago I linked up with Spooky Manda on KUCI 88.9FM (UC Irvine) for her show "Belly of The Beat."  She conducted an incredibly smooth and natural interview, and allowed me to, once more, elaborate on my life and my music. Another extensive discussion, running 40+ minutes for your listening pleasure. Click the image below! 


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EXCLUSIVE: Traklife Live Session  

The Traklife Live Session series is an exhibition of self-expression presented by Traklife Radio - spotlighting artists exclusively hand-picked by Traklife themselves!

I already had the pleasure of connecting with Traklife a few months back for an interview on The Soul Vibe Show shortly after the release of my Life In Critical Times EP...  
Being fellow Juice babies, Emcee Classiq put me on when a slot opened up last minute for a session of my own...needless to say, I was JUICED!!!

I've been juiced to present this since we wrapped up on set! So, without further ado... 

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Conscious Radio - KBEACH 88.1FM Interview 4/17/17 

A few weeks ago I continued my Spring Radio Tour with a stop at up KBEACH 88.1 (CSULB) to hang with the remarkably lovely voices of Conscious Radio: Ms. Vanessa Rodriguez & Ms. Abeni Moreno

We talked about my personal favorite track from my new album, and the ladies even blessed me with a fresh, new alias! Lol Click the screenshot to listen in! 

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KUCR 88.3FM Interview w/DJ "No" Appeal 3/23/17 

After I released Life In Critical Times I told myself that I would manifest a College Radio Tour in Spring 2017...

...And, before the end of the first week of Spring I am proud to present to you my feature interview on KUCR 88.3FM (University of California - Riverside)!!!

DJ "No" Appeal of The "No" Show was cool enough to open the KUCR studio doors to me to talk about the album, my "unconventional" sound, and even about my college radio days.

Ideally, I was hoping that these college radio interviews would give me a chance to share my story and message in even greater depth than even the past interviews in-the-spirit of them being held at institutions of higher learning, and with such people. But, I didn't even fathom DJ "No" Appeal and I would talk for an entire hour about these Critical Times! Click the pic below to listen in.

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Home Grown Radio Interview 2/22/17 (RAW FOOTAGE) 

Last week on the divine date of 2/22 my bros and I pulled up to Inglewood to Home Grown Radio's "The Essentials: Music you need to know" hosted by Groovy Liz & 4th Beats. Liz is a Hip-Hop Head of head's and 4th is an insanely talented producer for Locally Grown Collective, another superb act from The Juice. It was business as usual (peep the tailored suit), but, more Liz asked me all kind of thought-provoking questions. And, of course, we talked Life In Critical TimesOver 20 minutes of pure vibes! Play the damn videos, stop playin...

PT. 1

PT. 2

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