NEW MUSIC VIDEO! "Rose Up" Dir. by Rieyen

I linked up with a real cool dude, Ryan Redira a few months ago through the power of creative spirit. We were initially made aware of one another through a mutual collaborator and instantly became fans of eachother's work. After speaking our own collaboration into existence for months, and building in the flesh a few times building the vibe, Ryan, aka Rieyen when he's shooting his fire films, blessed me with a crazy visual for "Rose Up" from my Life In Critical Times EP. What makes it even more dope to me is that I really only saw the end product. He took the leading on the shooting completely and I didn't stop to see much of any of the shots while during the shoot. Since it was his vision I just wanted to see where he would go with it without interference. Pretty safe to say he went WAY UP wit it! Check it out below, follow the man, and definitely look out for more from us. Big S/O to the lovely Ms. Gia who help me looked so good at the beach!

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