Took a littlle time away to get my mind right. We all have to do that sometimes. But the boy is back! And I got a whole new gameplan *Camron voice*

Observing the current landscape, and my own situation, I realized a few things: 1) The power of video is stronger than it has ever been in history, especially for musicians 2) Instagram is the most booming social media platform platform for consumers and brands alike at the moment BY FAR 3) Content...rather CONSISTENT content is King in order for any individual to prosper on IG, 4) As an emerging artist or brand on Instagram, you must utilize it as a media outlet in the same way as (and in place of) TV...no one is watching television anymore, everyone is watching Instagram...and television broadcasts shows. Therefore, an emerging brand such as myself must put on a show in some way, shape, or form to stand out in it's infinite sea of content. In so many words, you have to give people something to look forward to watching consistently. 5) Music videos are obviously the key remote marketing tool for a musician aside from the inherent music itself...but that shit can get EXPENSIVE for videos of full-singles! And without outside investors or funding...it can get ugly when you're talking about trying to replicate the process in a consistent marketing campaign. 6) I needed to increase my activity and visibility on Instagram right now if I wanted any opportunity at making some serious breakthroughs like I desire.

Much inspiration AND disappointment finally culminated and manifested an idea that I believed could help me resolve the above. And today, I can affirm and scientifically verify the success of my idea...

That idea is #OneTakeTwosday

A personal, weekly freestyle challenge I assigned myself. 1-minute of me showcasing my lyrical ability and love, on Instagram every Tuesday...for the entire year of 2019...yup all 50-and-some-weeks. And now, 21-straight-weeks-in, I am receiving more love and support than ever before. Business is BOOMING lol. I started the challenge at the start of February. It's been an amazingly fulfilling journey thus far that has opened so many new doors! I can't even imagine where I'll be once the challenge is completely. The series is exclusively on my Instagram @themostcritical but you can check out a recap of the February beginnings and follow up on IG for the rest! See y'all Twosday!

Ps: Enormous shout-out to my shooter Shawn Oddou. aka Shawn The GOAT. He's the other half that's made this so successful. Follow him damnit!



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